The Scovill Bulletin's for Public Education of factory Life

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The history of Scovill Manufacturing 1802 to 1974 in Waterbury, CT
Check out the greatest generation & parents quality of life as a creative community

The history of Waterbury Farrel Foundry Machine Co. Waterbury, CT

A quick overview by the author of this web site.
I worked for 32 years at Waterbury Ferrell Foundry and my father 35 years.

Many have asked why I spent over a year creating the Scovill bulletins for future generations.
Young people today to not understand and appreciate the quality of life they have.
The country has been built and defended by past generations and I could not ever expressed
in words what it was like in the fifties, sixties, and seventies as a factory worker in which I raised my family.
The bulletin is a weekly account in the 1940s during the war and shows how manufacturing went downhill with the plant being sold in 1975.

In life the entropureal spirit is needed check out the 60's where they asked for ideas and gave them rewards for systems & products.
Not all young people are college material and most need to look back in history to see how their ancestors lived.
History is put on the Internet for future leaders to learn from the past generations and not repeat those mistakes.
Within these bulletins is how the union & management did not understand each other & why it changed!

                Future generations will need new arrangements in history and intellectual explanations on all subjects and products in history.
An economic environment can be created that fosters collaboration and input that will allow history to be displayed.
A common sense approach will include a full range of content for public access in the electronic world.
The Public Participation for education purposes will  depend on the revenue from donations to support information
to create PDF Format content and suport the web site service's for future generations.  A common set of
principles in providing content in which future generations can evaluate economic knowledge on the internet. Hence,
they can add their own view within the content to provide and create their future quility of life.
They do not read newspapers & go to Library's but they love the internet for content & knowledge.
This is a Public Network of history showing factory workers and management in PDF Format that
will reach an audience that ranges from scientists to freshmen in remedial courses to children
intrested in what thier great, great, grandparent's life was like in years gone by.

Hopefully those who have older bulletins and albums of Scovill Mfg. and other Naugatuck Valley industry history
will get in touch so that what they have avaiable can be shared with future generations.

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